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Jose A. Pineiro

Born in Santurce PR.  1971

1990-1992 Studied at the Art Institute of Ft lauderdale.

Hi and Welcome.

My  name is Jose A Piñeiro and I currently  live in Boynton Beach Florida, but love to go out and explore the world and document it with different styles of photography. Just as different cultures make up the world so do different methods of photography. I feel my life and work is an extension of this.


My passion for photography started when I first picked up a film camera long before the digital times we live in now. I transferred this passion for life and my art into my studies mixing in all of these design influences to create my own photography style. 


I have worked as a professionally  since 1993, working along the way for such organization as the Miami Dolphins, Florida Marlins, Miami Marlins, Miami Heats, Florida Panthers, Homestead-Motor Speedway, AV Master, Showtime Boxing and Hard Rock  Stadium.


Every photo is a memory, there is no better way to capture it than how you see it, not how the camera sees it. Please contact me at, and make your memories eternal. 


Josespix LLC

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